For our food we use organic, free range and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. For our packaging we use recycled and recyclable materials in all cases (with the exception of our soup spoon, where it was seemingly impossible to find one!) AND we recycle everything we use that we possibly can.


We support lots of charities, some simply from time to time, others on a more ongoing basis. This year, so far, these are our current favourites!

Harambee Schools Kenya:

Last year a group of amazing people (including our dear friends PK and Mark Nash) cycled all the way from Cambridge to Kenya to raise loads of money to help a charity build schools in the region. They've almost met their target of £60,000 but we know they'd still love your help! For more information go to:


We've just discovered this amazing charity. In fact, technically, it's not even a charity since it involves loans rather than donations (with the exception of what you give to the charity for admin costs). Basically, lots of entrepreneurs in deprived countries ask for loans to begin or expand their own businesses. Often they manage to pay you back but, either way, you've helped enable them to create their own wealth. Which is a wonderful thing. After all, "if you teach a man to fish..."